Many students ages 16 through 24 work a job and some even start at age 14. There are plenty of reasons to start working this young; many parents want their teenagers to learn responsibility or start saving money for college.

“I make eleven dollars an hour lifeguarding at the YMCA,” senior Andre Thomas said.

There is a lot of controversy when it comes to students and working. While many parents encourage working, many others question whether or not it’s good for a students academic performance.

“It can be hard keeping up with homework,” junior Thomas Holt said. “You really have to plan ahead to get everything done.”

Most students working part time jobs have very flexible schedules. Since education is so important at this age, employers try to cut down on hours so they do not overwhelm the student.

“My boss only schedules me eight hours a week,” senior Bella Remiz said. “I’ve never had trouble navigating school and work.”