Felipe’s Taqueria, located on U.S. 41 in the Parkshore Plaza, has decent prices, quality food, a great staff, and welcoming atmosphere. The restaurant has plenty of room, a modern, bright and clean atmosphere with Mexican music being played at a moderate volume. As soon as you walk into the building, you can get your seat and line up to make a quick and easy order.

Ordering my meal was very easy and simple. The staff was nice, attentive, and ready to take your order. I ordered a steak burrito with rice, beans, cheese, lettuce, and sour cream. The burrito had great taste and quality ingredients. It was a bit dry for my taste but packed full of great and fresh materials.

I also got an order of tortilla chips which came with guacamole, queso, and salsa and tasted very fresh as if it was made just before I walked in. The guacamole was recently made and colorful, the salsa has a moderate amount of spiciness, and the queso was a good consistency of cheese.  

Overall, I had a great experience at Felipe’s Taqueria. The establishment is clean, well lit, and has a superb Mexican atmosphere. I would recommend to order the “Super Burrito”, as it comes with tons of food inside of it. It was A Very fine experience. I would have to recommend the restaurant to people craving some good quality Mexican food, or if you are just hungry and want to eat something good that will fill you up