After three long years of hard work and dedication, another year is often too much to handle for seniors. A sickness by the name of “Senioritis” quickly develops and becomes contagious as motivation is lost. The idea of completing school work begins to seem more and more challenging for these seniors.

    “I would define senioritis as going to sleep at night thinking about what period you can finish your homework in the next day,” senior Reilly Simpson remarks when asked about her take on the work ‘senioritis.’

     School performance begins to decline as seniors anxiously count down the days until graduation.

    “We graduate on May 26th,” senior Cynthia Majewski says. “That seems so far away but I know it will come faster than I think.”

    With the first quarter of the school year coming to an end, graduation slowly inches closer for these seniors.

    “I’ve spent more money on sporting event tickets this year than SAT prep books,” senior Olivia Adamson jokes.

“Making it to all the fun activities for the last time has become more important than finishing my school work.”

    Although a lack of motivation is not completely new for these students, senior year brings it to a whole different level.

    “I thought I had junioritis,” senior Jared Sentovich explains. “I really had no idea what I was in for.”

    Senioritis is real and these seniors have started to witness it first-hand. With only nine allowed absences for each semester, there will not be nearly enough days to take off for this incurable sickness.