Little Eagles Preschool took an field trip to Collier County’s Historical Exhibits Museum at Government Center. The children learned about historical events that took place in Naples, and about Native Americans.

The preschoolers spent the day learning about the Native Americans and the history of the Calusa Tribe. Not only did preschoolers learn, but so did the teachers.

“My favorite part was really getting to see the children being engaged and experiencing something new and being happy,” preschool teacher Kathy Swingley said.

To create a Little Eagles field trip takes a lot of work and planning. Most field trips take about a month advanced to plan.

“We have to make plans and connections with the place we are going,” Swingley said. “We fill out all paperwork needed for observation then we chose which student teachers get to attend and give them their paperwork to fill then inform parents on what items to bring.”

Along with the student-teachers, the preschool kids also enjoy the fields trips they go on.

“My favorite part is when we learned about all the Indians and saw all the houses they made,” preschooler Sophia O said. “It was so much fun.”

The next Little Eagles field trip will be Dec.13th to the Naples Zoo.

Naples High Little Eagles Preschool is an addition to one of the many programs for students at Naples to take. Student-teachers in this program get to teach kids, create lesson plans, and even go on field trips.