NHS students, and students in general, deal with stress daily. For most, school work can be detrimental to a student’s mental health and often excessive.

“Teachers need to remember that every student has six other classes to worry about too, and often jobs and sports,” sophomore Lily Poorman said.

Several students have expressed feeling overwhelmed constantly, and seem to feel that excessive amounts of schoolwork has contributed to it. In addition, there are even more things that add to the schoolwork.

“It’s pretty exhausting staying on track with everything, studying for the ACT and SAT, and trying to maintain a life at the same time,” junior Ryanne Hackathorn said. “We hardly have lives anymore.”

Another junior agrees with the pressure of maintaining excellence in everything, and struggling to excel in things and enjoy activities in addition to schoolwork.

“I just want to enjoy things like prom without having to worry about 9000 assignments hanging over my head,” junior Grace Mulholland said.

Overall, it has become apparent that students often are under severe pressure due to an abundance of assignments. Here are some ways to relieve stress when under pressure:

  • Get organized
  • Ask for help
  • Set down your phone and partake in an outside activity, such as a walk or bike ride
  • Take short breaks between segments of assignments
  • Allow yourself some time to do an activity you enjoy
  • Walk away from the stress inducer when having a panic attack
  • Exercise
  • Write down what is stressing you out, research ways to overcome or improve what you have written
  • Talk to a friend or family member, teacher, or trusted adult/person