Naples High School tennis coach, Tony Kamen, became the third member of the Florida High School Tennis Coaches Association’s Hall of Fame last fall.

In order to be nominated for this award, a coach is basically considered for his or her achievements. To be eligible for nomination, the coach must have served a minimum of 20 years.

It’s no wonder why his nomination occurred right at the cusp of the minimum required years of coaching.

In 2004, Kamen was named the National Tennis Coach of the Year by the National Federation of High School Coaches Association and has received the Naples High School Coach of the year award.

Also, when coaching the Southwest Florida region to three state titles, Tony Kamen was the winning coach for first three FHSTCA All-Star tournaments. Tony Kamen has also led the Naples High School Golden Eagles to three state championships.

Nominees are selected based upon how they raise the level of awareness in high school athletics through their achievements and caliber in one or more high school athletic programs sponsored by the Association.

“I believe my job is to give student athletes the tools necessary to make them successful both on and off the court.” Tony Kamen said. “Additionally, to provide an avenue for them to become great citizens, while teaching them sportsmanship as well as how to have fun.”

Tony Kamen has had a long history of bringing out the best in his players. Following Coach Kramer and his football team winning their first state championship in 2001, the Naples High School tennis team won the individual title with player Nathanial Emge, who went to play Division 1 at Penn State and Kentucky. Tony Kamen prides himself in mentorship and athletic development.

“Giving the student athletes the tools necessary to make them successful both on and off the court.” Kamen said. “Tennis is like most things in life, you get out of it what you put into it.”