Teachers got their just desserts in celebration of Pi day.

Lunchtime was a little bit sweeter as students purchased pies to throw at their teachers and administration in the greenspace Friday. The Key Club fundraiser sold pies for $3 or two pies for $5, and were able to raise $375 in proceeds from the event. 

Pi Day is nationally celebrated on Mar. 14, but with Pi Day being over spring break, the event took place on Mar. 9.

“I find the idea of getting back at your teacher awesome,” freshman Jessica D’arco stated. “That’s a funny way of saying sweet revenge.”

The Naples High School teachers who were willing to get pied included Joseph Glancy, Cory Stewart, and our very own Principal Darren Burkett.

Those students who have been dress-coded, received bad grades, or just needed to relieve some stress were able seek their revenge during this annual event.

“I feel like they deserve every chance to get back at me,” participating teacher Joseph Glancy stated. “They should know that if they miss, I will mock them the rest of the year.”