The month of March was Athletic Trainer Month. It’s a time to thank athletic trainers for taking their time to roll out athletes’ muscles, wrap ankles, use the ice baths, and much more.

Ali Gaskill, the school’s sports trainer, works hard throughout the sports seasons to keep everyone safe.

“I enjoy my work and I enjoy being around the players and seeing them grow,” Gaskill said.

Gaskill has been at Naples High School for over 5 years, and has numerous interns in her room everyday. These interns include students from FGCU and FSW working toward their sports medicine internship.

“I have 2 interns who do a lot of the work, and they help out with everything that I do.” Gaskill said.

Athletic Trainer Month is a month to thank and congratulate athletic trainers’ many hours of hard work.

“I appreciate Miss Ali,” sophomore softball player Haley Bussell said. “I’ve never had to worry about getting hurt in a game because she always tapes my ankles and she always is supportive.”