Naples High School will have a new external look starting in the 2018-19 school year.

The school will transition to a one point of entry campus for students and visitors. The district will be installing fencing across campus in specific areas such as the student parking lot and the cafeteria.

Following recent tragic events, the school looks to become more proactive in student safety.

Collier County Public Schools Executive Director of Communications and Community Engagement Greg Turchetta expressed the same message.

“We have concluded that an additional security enhancement should be put in place to further ensure the safety of our students, staff, and guests at our schools,” Turchetta stated. “If you visit a Collier County Public School, you will soon notice our front doors will be locked during the day as another layer of security.”

A poll of 400 Naples High School students concluded that over 85% feel safe on school grounds. However, it was interesting to learn about both sides.

“Yes I do feel safe because we have security around campus,” junior Jack Bole stated. “I feel that we would be safe if something were to happen on campus.”

Other students expressed wariness and uncertainty with the school’s current safety measures.

“We have such an open campus which has its disadvantages,” freshman Michelle Carranco said. “I feel as if the school has not gone over enough safety procedures to make us feel knowledgeable if something were ever to occur.”

“I feel a mild sense of safety on the campus,” senior Kayla Ogden stated. “Being an open campus, there are many ways for intruders to access campus.”

These upcoming additions to the school will add another level of security while keeping the open campus feel Naples high is known for.

Principal Burkett looks to make safety the top priority on Naples High School campus.

“I’m not sure how students will react,” Burkett said. “I think it will be fine and expresses a message that there is a level of safety and security coming into place.”

Student safety remains the top priority from all levels of administration.

“We are committed to continuing to maintain our school safety and security best practices, but to always review and improve our abilities and our resources to protect our children and our community,” Turchetta said.