Not only does she run varsity cross country and play varsity soccer, but sophomore Morgan Vickaryous also makes and sells scrunchies in her free time.

This scrunchie-making sophomore’s designs have caught the attention from fans of these fun hair ties.

Vickaryous’ designs have gained a significant amount of popularity, having started her Instagram scrunchie business account less than a month ago. Her page, @scrunchie.shoppe is coming in at 286 followers so far.

Vickaryous handmakes scrunchies with colorful and elaborate designs, charging $5 for one scrunchie and $10 for three.

“Every week, about 10-15 people order, which could be about 40 or more scrunchies,” Vickaryous said.

The scrunchies seem to be a hit among teens, students in a variety of schools, and adults young and old.

“They’re so pretty,” Lely High School freshman Haylee Gingras said. “I would literally buy every single one.”

Vickaryous is glad to hear so.

“I think these scrunchies really accentuate my style, and most patterns are things I would like and things that correspond to what I’d wear. There’s so many choices and I’m glad people think they are stylish, too.”

Vickaryous said.

According to Vickaryous, scrunchies have always been her go to.

“I always found myself buying them as gifts for people and then I realized I could make them myself, so I started giving them to my friends and family,” Vickaryous said. “They loved them so much that I decided to start selling them.”

A batch of scrunchies ready to be shipped

A frequent customer relayed her experience with the scrunchie business.

“I have six of her scrunchies because you can buy three for $10, which is a really good price when some websites try to sell two for $18,” NHS junior Maddi Lawler said. “I think they’re really unique compared to scrunchies that big brands make.”

With over 40 posts of variously designed scrunchies, it’s a wonder where Vickaryous gets her inspiration and creativity from.

“I get my inspiration from my mom because she’s so innovative and hardworking, and she literally helps me pick out all of the fabrics,” Vickaryous said. “She’s got style.”

Adults also have noticed the fun styles on Vickaryous’ Instagram page.

“They’re so cute, I’ve never seen anything like them,” says 26 year-old Naples resident Lexi A. “I love every design.”

Vickaryous also expresses that she is looking into charities and organizations to donate the profits to.

Interested customers can place orders by direct messaging the @scrunchie.shoppe Instagram account.