COVID-19 and its variants have brought positive and negative effects to high school life. On the negative side, it has brought a change to schedules and everyday life. So, many people have been craving to relax and unplug from their hectic routine. Going to local cafés is a good option to relieve stress and anxiety from daily life.

Peace Love and Little Donuts

A great choice is Peace Love and Little Donuts. The café is located on Tamiami Trail N. in a business center called The Courtyard. This is a great place to visit with family and enjoy a nice coffee beverage with mini donuts to accompany it.

“Whenever I go there to study, I sit at a quiet table in the corner of the shop and always order a black coffee and the birthday cake donut,” freshman Katherine Spivey said.

Aside from the food itself, the café has a lot of perks. The staff are welcoming and provide an efficient service that leaves customers with a satisfied visit.

“The prices there are affordable and it’s close to home,” Spivey said. “My close friend also works there so that gives me even more of a reason to go.”


The word “café” is a broad term on its own, meaning meals and drinks. A small shop off of 5th Ave S. in downtown Naples falls under this category. This would be an English tea room by the name of Brambles.

“My mom has taken me and my kids there since they were in elementary school and drank sprite from a teapot,” geometry teacher Lisa Stanfill said. “But most of all I LOVE this place because their scones are TO DIE FOR. They are the best scones this side of the pond!”

Badass Coffee shop

A common place that is known for its intriguing title is Badass Coffee shop. It is located on 3rd Ave. in downtown Naples. Upon walking into the store, it has a tropical theme with a kava bar and a little gift shop as well.

“I think Badass Coffee is a nice place to get coffee and study as they have multiple tables inside and out,” sophomore Mia Santagado said. “I tend to order caramel coffee whenever I do get coffee as it is my favorite.”

Although life can get tough sometimes, it is mentally healing to step back and unplug from reality. Knowing different places to enjoy with a companion is a great way to be spontaneous and enjoy a cup of delight!

“Cafés really bring families together for a relaxing meal and quality time,” Stanfill said.