School is in session and students are excited for many reasons. Some may include out-of-school celebrations like birthdays! Turns out, many Eagles have August and September birthdays. Due to school hours and new assignments, many have to adapt their celebrations to everyday tasks. 

Birthday traditions vary from person to person. Some choose to keep it casual and have dinner with friends and family. Others decide to throw a party, despite their new responsibilities. However, many students need to cancel their plans to avoid absences in school. 

“My birthday is Sept. 8,” sophomore Ariana Edwards said. “If it weren’t for school, I would probably be celebrating by going on vacation somewhere or visiting my family out of the country.”

Assignments, friends, after-school activities and such can make it harder for students to celebrate. To help create balance, some do decide to take days off from school and travel with their family and friends. 

“I would celebrate with my closest friends,” sophomore Anya McLaughlin said. “We would dress up, eat dinner and take pictures.”

Despite the time of year, people make ways to celebrate. Some have a simple dinner, while others have exciting parties.

“If I didn’t have my birthday during school I would probably celebrate my birthday with family members and friends over for a sleepover,” junior Alivia Williams said. “[Otherwise] I would celebrate my birthday with different family members that live in a different state that I do not get to see often.”