As the new Naples High School year begins, more COVID-19 precautions have been implemented since the mask mandate has been removed. With the new guidelines, students and staff are now given the option to wear a mask or not. 

In regards to mask wearing, each student has their own opinion on whether they want to take precautions. Some wear masks to keep themselves safe, but others may choose not to wear one because they’ve already had a positive COVID-19 test, even though it’s possible to catch it again. 

However, with rising coronavirus cases, more high schoolers are starting to wear their masks more than they did on the first day of school.

“I haven’t noticed it but I believe people should do what is best for them,” English teacher Dawn Peterson said. “If it makes them feel more comfortable to wear a mask, I believe they should do it.” 

Wearing a mask can protect a person from the unknown diseases spreading around the school campus that can be carried home from anywhere. 

“I choose to wear my mask because mostly it is for my grandparents,” sophomore Avery Woodworth said. “Even though others aren’t wearing theirs, I can still protect myself and others if I wear one.”

The busy passing periods allow for students to talk to one another, which means students can become infected with COVID-19 even more. However, with only five minutes, the high schoolers are rushing to get to class, so the chances may be lower.

“I think things could go better, but they’re not bad at the moment because everyone is moving so quickly trying to get to class they don’t have time to stop and talk,” freshman Addison Scott said.

Taking safety measures will decrease the number of COVID-19 cases and keep students/staff safer, so they don’t bring the virus home to families. 

“The reality is that it can easily spread and get you sick,” sophomore Reyna Lucrecio said. “You run a higher risk of getting COVID [by] not wearing a mask than wearing one.”