Little Caesars, the hot and ready pizza, just added some new additions to their menu.

Recently, Little Caesars has made some additions to their menu. A super thin crust pizza along with a pretzel pizza have made their way onto the big stage. Little Caesars has broadened their variety and introduced a thin crust pizza, the first of its kind for the franchise.

Not only did they welcome the thin crust pizza, Little Caesars continued to expand the menu with a new lightly salted pretzel pizza. In addition, it has a nacho cheese sauce and pepperoni. This isn’t the pretzel pizzas first debut, but after a short cancellation it has returned.

“Their new pretzel pizza is a little salty but the breading and nacho cheese works so beautifully,” said senior Blake Novak.

Little Caesars has always been a favorite among pizza franchises. They use a simple but efficient business model to keep customers happy. It creates a great pizza that is quick and inexpensive.

Little Caesars keeps their pizzas hot and ready to go for customers that order online or for those who walk in.

“I love Little Caesars pizza because it tastes amazing and is cheap,” junior Sailor Robinson said. “Students love their pizza because of the low prices.”

Even with some restaurants having “better” pizza, people continue to return to their favorite Little Caesars.

“My favorite is Jet’s pizza,” senior Mason Jenkins shared. “Little Caesars is just so quick and easy so I usually go there.”