The Naples High School’s theater crew is putting on a variety show for this semester’s production, and it appears to be promising. With this variety of acts coming together, the student body is going to be seeing brand-new content.

The variety show encourages student input and their voice. The show aims to allow participants to explore their talents and skill sets. Acts can be comedies, singing performances, dances or anything that is produced by the student. This approach will allow them to showcase a set of unique perspectives.

“I would love to attend! It seems like such a fun opportunity,” freshman Ivy Beese said. “And Clue was absolutely amazing.”

The Theater’s last production, Clue, was a huge success and will shadow this performance. This will serve as a new way for students to showcase their individual, special talents in acts centered around them. 

While some students are mildly disappointed with it being a variety show rather than a full play, others are welcoming the new take of the production. Students are going all out to prepare for the big night with constant rehearsals, stage prep and costume fitting underway. 

“Honestly, I would recommend this show,” theater member Delanie Stewart said. “It is a show that everyone is working hard on. All of the acts are well put together and funny.”