High school students are a few weeks into the third quarter of the school year, and for many this means keeping up good with grades or improving poor grades earned in the first two quarters.

Whichever way a student looks at it, for most students, third quarter is hard. Here’s some advice Naples High School students have to give for starting a new quarter.

With only two quarters left in the school year, students believe teachers are going to make classes even harder, in preparation for finals at the end of the year.

“Third quarter is probably going to be a lot harder,” sophomore Jordyn Baker said. “So I’m learning to manage my time better.”

Students already have half of the school year under their belts, so they can go into the third quarter knowing how to improve based on where they went wrong in the previous quarters.

“I am no longer procrastinating and I’m studying more,” sophomore Caroline Figueroa said. “My goal is to get all A’s.”

It’s easy to get carried away when focusing so much on grades and school work. Maintaining a good mental health is just as important according to other students.

“I am starting to try really hard in all of my classes, right from the start,” junior Fallon Jones said. “I’m also trying to stay positive.”

And while some students are wrapped up in grades, others take high school lightly.

“Good luck,” sophomore Chace Wild said.