Kanye West, rapper, fashion designer, and social influence, has pulled out of the 2019 Coachella festival as a headlining act.

Kanye West recently announced that he was not going to perform at Coachella due to a dispute over stage design.

It’s reported that West and organizers had disputes on the design of the stage; West wanted to build a dome structure with 360 degree immersive technology. This idea was shot down by organizers due to the limited time to build such a structure, and the size of the structure would have to reduce space for port-a-potties.

This is one of the many recent questionable decisions made by an unmedicated Kanye West. Recently West shared his controversial opinions on society through an interview with TMZ. In the interview West suggested that slavery was a choice. This remark stirred controversy in of itself, with a TMZ reporter confronting West in person.

“I’ve always been a fan of Kanye but his new tweets are concerning,” senior Benji Howard said. “If he didn’t perform at a show he was supposed to I would be upset as a fan.” Howard has been a fan of Kanye for a while but even this new Kanye isn’t normal.

Kanye is also not afraid of conflict. Tension between two rap icons, Kanye and Drake, isn’t fully confirmed, but questionable tweets have been speculated to be directed toward the rapper from the six.

“Kanye is strange but he does make great music” senior Zac McWilliams said after listening to X’s new song featuring Kanye.

“My all time favorite Kanye album would have to be My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,“ senior Judah McClain stated. “Complete masterpiece hands down!” Judah shared his favorite album from an early less mainstream Kanye West.

Kanye West has been a musical influencer for years, starting back to his beginning days as a producer. Recently, West has been more and more open about his mental health and how he deals with it. Being off medication Kanye West has been more out of the box and up front about his beliefs and ideas. No matter your opinion on his beliefs, West is still going to be proclaimed a rap legend and musical genius.