The Super Bowl is the biggest football game in the country. Fans wait all year for this game and hope for their favorite team to win.

“My favorite team is the Patriots,” sophomore Sloan Gibson said. “I’m excited to see them play in the Super Bowl this year.”

Many students are excited to watch the game. A lot of time and money goes into making the Super Bowl such an entertaining event.

“The Super Bowl is very fun to watch”, sophomore Marianna Patino said. “My favorite part of it is to watch the halftime shows.”

Many people look forward to seeing how good the teams and players perform. The Super Bowl is also one of the most watched televised games each year.

“I like to see who qualifies to the Super Bowl,” sophomore Katie Lamb said. “I believe it takes a group effort to win

Thousands of people spend money on things such as a new T.V, food, or game tickets for the game. Also, companies are advertising their new commercials throughout the Super Bowl.