The NBA held their annual All Star Weekend on Feb. 15-17, where the top NBA players showed off their skills in many different challenges.

In the event there is a three point contest, a skills challenge, a dunk contest, a rookie vs. sophomore game, and the All Star game.

The skills challenge came down to a one on one, where Trae Young went against Jayson Tatum. Trae Young was holding the lead until Jayson Tatum made shot a from half court

Freshman Mason Richards was happy about the result,

”I really thought Jayson Tatum was going to lose because he was so far behind but then he took that crazy shot,” freshman Mason Richards said. “I was really happy because he’s my favorite player.”

In the three point contest this year, Steph Curry played against Seth Curry and Buddy Hield.  The winner of the contest ended up being Joe Harris. Harris was added as a last minute participant.

“Joe Harris surprised me and went on to beat a lot of really good shooters,” freshman Max Perez said.

Dennis Smith Jr, a NBA player in his second year, currently holds one of the highest vertical jumps in NBA History, tying the record of 48 inches. He was the favorite of many people to win the dunk contest.

He started strong with his first two dunks having perfect scores, but then he missed a lot of dunks. An Oklahoma City Thunder Guard, Hamidou Diallo, made crazy dunks throughout the night, and it scored him the win.

“He was up by a lot in the first round and should have kept up the momentum,” sophomore Sayan Argueta said.

The NBA All Star Game this year was entertaining and had many surprises for the viewers.