Sophomores were scheduled to take the FSA writing test April 4. Due to all the comotion of exams coming up and also making sure they meet the requirements to pass the FSA, is becoming stressful.

Some students who experienced it, have advice for others who are going to be sophomores next year.

“Well I suggest that upcoming sophomores really try to focus and take it serious, it’s something that you got to put your mind into and also follow the steps the teachers have taught you,” Adolfo Deliosca commented. “To stay focused during a test I clear my mind and think about what I have to do.”

Others have different ways of keeping a focused mind and preparing themselves. There are different ways people keep themselves in a positive attitude.  

“I prepared by practicing how to write hooks, cite evidence, and organization,” Tania Maldonado stated. “The kind of mindset I kept myself in was being honest with myself and to do my best that I know I can do.”

If they don’t meet the requirements they will not be able to graduate.

“I had thought that the test wasn’t as hard as I expected it to be,” Arturo Rodriguez stated. “I actually felt confident because my teacher taught me so much and felt sure that I did good enough to pass.”

Although some freshman’s may be concerned, they shouldn’t overthink it as much. Only to be prepared and use the techniques that the teachers teach.