It seems like phones are good for pretty much everything. Keeping in contact, chatting with friends, playing games, watching TV, and especially easy for keeping occupied when bored.

Phones have become a life essential to nearly everybody. Although, what happens when there’s no access to a device?

The sad reality of being phoneless gets the best of everyone at some point. Whether it gets taken away or runs out of battery, survival becomes nearly impossible without it.

Luckily, there are some tips and tricks for people who find themselves phoneless.

“When I don’t have my phone, I like to go outside and ride my bike,” junior Elle Bancroft said. “I also sometimes read or draw.”

It seems hard, but many phone users are able to survive without their phone for short periods of time.

“If I don’t have my phone it’s usually because I’m sleeping,” junior Fallon Jones said.

Many students find that being without a phone allows for a more productive atmosphere and may even enjoy not having it.

“If I don’t have my phone it’s because I’m doing more important things,” sophomore Kendra Barron said. “I limit my phone usage because I know I’m more productive without it.”

However, it’s not that easy to live phoneless for everyone.

“When I don’t have my phone I cry or play tic-tac-toe,” senior Annalise Eisold said.

Though it’s practically impossible to avoid not having a phone at some point, it’s important to stay busy and relax without it. Take the chance to experience the real world, try something new in the meantime.