Easter break is coming up for Naples High School students and they are ready to celebrate their long weekend with their family and friends. Easter break is from April 18-22, making it a four day weekend.

“I usually visit family on Easter break,” Zac McWilliams said. “This year we are staying in town and possibly going up to FSU.“

Not everyone is staying in town this Easter break though.

“I am traveling with my parents,” Benji Howard said. “We are going to duke to visit my brother and sister.”

High school students normally don’t search for eggs on Easter morning but some hide them.

“I hide the eggs for my baby sister with my parents,” Judah McLean said. “In the early evening we make a big pan of chicken called drenda”

Some students don’t hide eggs for their younger siblings because they are the youngest in their family.

“This year we are doing something a little different,” Julia Marceau said. “ My brother and I are hiding eggs for our parents.”

Easter weekend is a time to be with family and chill out for four straight days with no school interference.