It’s relatively common that public school bathrooms aren’t state of the art facilities, and if they were, it would be arguably unnecessary.

Students express that issues in the school bathrooms are an inconvenience and that action should be taken. These issues range from broken stall doors to broken sinks and hand driers.

“Sometimes there’s no toilet paper in the stalls,” senior Annalise Eisold said. “Some of the toilets don’t flush so there’s a line for people waiting.”

Many students would agree the Naples High School restrooms don’t meet certain standards, however, they are for the most part, useful.

“There’s a couple stall doors that don’t close,” sophomore Chase Wild said. “But it doesn’t seem like that big of an issue.”

In addition to concerns, many students have questions about how the school is handling issues with school bathrooms.

Principal Darren Burkett explained that school faculty are aware of inadequate bathroom functions and place work orders when issues are addressed.

“In terms of fixing, as soon as we’re told about them, we do put in a work order,” Burkett said. “We don’t fix them on site.”

He also explained that the bathrooms are cleaned daily by the school custodians.

He advises Naples High School students to “leave it how you’d like to find it,” in effort to keep school restrooms presentable and functioning.