As freshmen begin to adjust to Naples High School, they have to adapt to new standards and requirements. Some may feel stressed while others take in the new environment very well.

“I had lots of friends who came from my middle school so it helped me settle into high school,” freshman Noah Coleman said.

While some students had the comfort of friends on their first day of school, others had a more difficult time as they are new to the area. Upperclassmen can be a little intimidating to some of the newer students, but sometimes they help freshmen transition into high school. 

“I was able to help some of the freshmen find their classes,” senior Trevor Klym said. “I feel like I was able to do a good thing that day.”

Naples High School offers some programs to make the new students feel at home. Sports teams and clubs are popular ways to find new friends.

“I was able to find a friend with similar interests,” freshman Leah Shreeve said.

Since teachers are becoming more strict on the use phone policy, students are having to interact with each other much more. New students should try to find friends as it will always make someone’s overall life better.