Valentine’s Day is a beautiful time of year when love is in the air. It is a special day for couples to celebrate their love for each other.

“Valentine’s to me is a day where people who are in love or even [in] friendships celebrate with people they love and give each other gifts,” junior Madison Daniels said. 

Choosing the perfect gift for your girlfriend/boyfriend can be a difficult choice. Despite some challenges with shopping for gifts, a lot of couples plan ahead and try to give their significant other the best surprise possible. 

“I like to plan ahead for gifts because it gives me more time to make the best gift for my boyfriend,” Daniels said. 

For some, it doesn’t matter how expensive a gift is or its size, all that matters is that it was made with love.

“Anything is fine, even if it’s small and not really big,” Daniels said. 

Girlfriends rarely buy gifts for their boyfriends because they would rather spoil their partner than be pampered by their girlfriend. Some girlfriends, on the other hand, do prefer to give their partners a gift.

“I am going to be giving my boyfriend something special made with love for Valentine’s,” Daniels said. “I prefer giving gifts than receiving.”

Even the smallest details can make a difference. For Valentine’s Day, some give their boyfriend/girlfriend a box of chocolates or their favorite sweets.

“For Valentine’s I want a lot of candy. I am not expecting much, just some chocolate,” junior Christian Dugo said. 

Giving a gift is not the only thing about Valentine’s Day, but also spending quality time with someone you care deeply about. Some may prepare a surprise getaway for their partner. 

“I am planning a trip to Disney with my significant other,” Dugo said. 

Although this day is brief, express your undivided attention to your loved ones.

“You should always cherish your girlfriend/boyfriend because they deserve to be loved, and anything could happen,” Dugo said.