Girls lacrosse has begun practices after school now that most winter sports have come to an end. Unlike last year, there has been an addition of a JV team for girls lacrosse. 

Since the season has just started, they have set goals and expectations in order for the team to succeed in the future.

“The goal for our varsity program is to reclaim the district title trophy,” head coach Jayson Saunders said. “In addition, we are looking to make history this year and win the state regional title, advancing to the state final four for the first time in school history.”

This year, the girls lacrosse team has a junior varsity team rather than one varsity team.

“I think that the addition of a JV team is great,” sophomore Georgia Kent said. “It will make people try harder.”

Including a JV team will benefit the entire lacrosse program as a whole and will provide more chances for players to succeed at the next level.

“Having a JV team is so important,” Saunders said. “It makes our work considerably more competitive and allows us as a coaching staff the opportunity to develop players and add some considerable depth to our playoff roster.”

Some players are not new to this sport, so when they play, they always set some type of goal and typically have ambitions and dreams regarding lacrosse.

“I hope to substantially increase my goals from last season and help our team win districts,” junior Julie Sanders said. 

Seriousness and competition aside, the girls are able to have fun and enjoy the sport with their friends.

“Some of my favorite moments would be when we have the ball and we don’t need to play to score,” Kent said. “We just all naturally groove together. It’s a great feeling!”  

Some players on the team can be great mentors because of how much experience they have playing the game.

“Growing the game down here is also very important to me, so I would like to help the new girls to the best of my abilities,” senior Lane Calkins said. “I also hope to be named an All-American again.” 

Being on the team for multiple years, players acquire many enjoyable memories amongst other teammates. 

My favorite moment was the bus ride home from Barron my freshman and junior year,”  Calkins said. “That game is always so competitive and emotional, the energy everyone has afterwards is unmatched.”

Since last season was in the midst of COVID, this season will be different.

“I feel confident about the start of the new season,” Sanders said. “The team is excited and dedicated and I can’t wait to see how our season turns out.”