There is a billboard that students pass every day, but it might not get its due recognition. 

The selected “Photo of the Month” has its own billboard case, so students can view all of its glory. 

The “Photo of the Month” is displayed right outside the library, and every month a different picture gets re-elected and the new Naples High student winner is chosen.  

“Photography Club meets once a week. There are no requirements; there are no membership fees,” NHS photography teacher Daniella Rosset said. “It’s for anyone who’s interested in pursuing photography or being challenged by photography or just wants to partake in being creative.”

Each week a winner is selected, and from that group a “Photo of the Month” is chosen and put on display. It is open to all skill levels and is designed for students who have a passion for photography.

The Photography Club always welcomes new members of all grades. The purpose of the club is to help students learn and expand their photography skills with weekly and monthly photo challenges and contests.

“We look for the technical side: how clear, how crisp and how in-focus it is,” Rosset said. “We look for whether or not it met the guidelines for the theme.”

There are no requirements to join the club. It can be a great way to make new friends, try out new experiences, explore more about the topic and learn ways that students can improve their photography skills.

“We vote on the best picture for that particular theme,” Chase Melton said. “Since there are four weeks in a month, we choose the Photo of the Month from those four winners.” 

This club is one of the few clubs at Naples High that doesn’t require any fees to join. Students should take advantage of this free learning opportunity if they are aspiring to use any type of photography skills in the future.