Every school deals with seniors catching senioritis. The year may start off well, but when the students get accepted into their colleges they tend to become less enthusiastic about school and completing their work.

“I have already missed multiple days of school because I didn’t want to come,” senior Dante Smith said.

The first symptoms seem to be taking days off of school. Although students have a limit on how many days they can miss, some do not seem to care.

“It’s getting harder and harder for me to get to school on time,” senior Caroline Mastrocola said.

It’s difficult to make it to school when the bell rings, but the final year tends to be harder to make it work. Students lose motivation and stamina when nearing the end.

“Sometimes I feel like I don’t even want to be doing my homework anymore,” senior Ben Henthorne said.

Students believe that their grades don’t matter as much once they’ve been accepted to college. This can eventually hurt students’ classwork in the long run.

“I’ve missed more days of school this year already than I have my whole rest of highschool,”  senior Trevor Klym said.

The best advice for seniors is to keep their grades up, stay motivated and don’t let the final months of high school be a bore.