Being active and present on campus at 7 a.m. is a challenge many Naples High students face throughout high school. For many, the solution to this problem is drinking an energy drink beforehand. Despite the variety of energy drinks available, Celsius seems to be the most widespread on campus.

The ingredients in Celsius can improve the user’s awareness and energy levels. Therefore, many athletes drink a Celsius before a training or game.

“The main source of energy in a Celsius can is from caffeine,” personal trainer and Celsius ambassador Hannah Joy said. “I enjoy drinking a Celsius right before I either train one of my clients or before a workout I do myself!”

Celsius’ fitness oriented appeal can help explain why athletes prefer it as their go-to energy drink. The drink comes in 12 different flavors ranging from sparkling cola to peach green tea. They can be found at Publix, Target, Costco or

“The sparkling peach flavor is my favorite,” freshman and athlete Katherine Mclendon said. “I see a huge improvement in my workout performance when I drink one beforehand.”

Along with assisting exercise performance, Celsius is also used to energize students before school. When it’s early, some students tend to be drowsy and unfocused, so drinking a Celsius can help wake them up.

“I usually only get five to six hours of sleep a night because I wake up so early,” freshman Delainey Beams said. “I drink a Celsius in the morning on the way to school because it helps me feel more awake for my first period.”