Finishing the school year strong is the goal for many students at Naples High School; however, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. Motivation becomes harder and harder to grasp as summer gets closer. Knowing how to push and excel through the last and most important part of the school year is crucial for success. 

I like to work and study outside and in coffee shops,” freshman Katherine Mclendon said. “Places like these are perfect environments to sit down and focus on projects for long periods of time.”

Understanding specific needs people have for being productive can make it easier for motivation to strike. The last quarter of school includes difficult exams that determine a lot in a student’s academic future, whether that be the college they attend or their classes for next year.

“I think pushing through the fourth quarter is worth it because I want to finish this year strong, prove to myself that I am a hard worker and impress the college I have committed to,” senior Enrique Carrasco said. 

College is the next important step for many students after high school. Seniors are at the top of the food chain for the year, until they get the title “fresh meat” for the second time around when they transition to college. Teachers watch their students grow until it’s time to say goodbye. Their advice is like no other when regarding kids.

“I suggest you guys make time for self care each day,” English teacher Amanda Tontodonato said. “Create checklists to stay motivated and embrace all that your teachers have to offer this last quarter.”

Guidance from adults in adolescence is important for students’ academic performance. However, peer support and advice are also a key part in their likelihood to succeed during this last section of the year.

“I suggest really paying attention in school,” freshman Lindsey Beaber said. “Just put your phone in your backpack, out of reach and listen to what the teacher has to say.”