Most people describe the summer months as relaxing, fun and exciting with endless possibilities. However, people might run out of ideas and things to do during the long days.

Several students have been trying out new hobbies, attempting to take up time, and  sometimes they find themselves enjoying it.

“My favorite activity is skating because I’m new to it and love trying new things,” freshman Diona Keltanoska said.

Doing new activities is a fun and entertaining way to stay occupied. Learning different things may turn out to be helpful in everyday life and be fun to try.

“I would like to learn a new language, preferably Spanish, because a few of my friends have families that speak Spanish and I’d like to interact with them,” freshman Thomas Snider said.

Being active and engaged, especially during summer, means quite a lot to Snider because he is a productive person. One way he practices staying mobile and occupied is by sharpening his skills.

“My favorite activity is weight lifting and boxing because it is great exercise and practice,” Snider said. 

Some students have provided a week’s worth of summer activities that are fun and exciting. Trying new hobbies and sharpening skills are both great things to do this summer, as well as future summers to come. 

Day 1

Go on a bike trail with friends or family.

Day 2

Relax at a beach or pool.

Day 3

Go on a road trip.

Day 4

Go to the beach or canal to kayak, paddle board or surf.

Day 5

Play board games or card games with family/friends indoors.

Day 6

Relax indoors by painting or drawing.

Day 7

Play sports outside with a group of friends.