Influencer Emma Chamberlain has shaped fashion for teenagers all over the world. With her rise to fame, she promoted her love for the store Brandy Melville. The constant public attention to the brand skyrocketed its sales, and it is now one of the most well-known and popular stores amongst teens.

Brandy Melville’s success has made its way to Naples, Florida, as a new store just recently opened on 5th Avenue. Being one of the only stores in Florida, besides Miami, the Naples location will accommodate for the southwestern areas of the state. The prime location and exclusivity of the store can benefit both Naples and the brand.

“I think they opened here because Naples fits the aesthetic of Brandy Melville perfectly,” sophomore and Brandy Melville customer Sofia Villagomez said. “Naples is a small beach town, which matches a lot of the clothes Brandy [Melville] sells.”

While Brandy Melville offers a variety of different clothes, most of them center around a preppy and sophisticated aesthetic. Many Naples teens love this energy, some loving it so much they even decided to apply for a job there. 

“I have really enjoyed my experience so far since it’s easy, and I get to work with other teenagers,” senior and Brandy Melville employee Hailey Kelsey said. “I went in to look around and they ended up offering me a job. The hours are really flexible, which is convenient as a student.”

Along with the welcoming environment and flexible hours, Brandy Melville also provides employees with an upgraded working experience. This is due to their employee benefits and stimulating work environment. By hiring teenagers to work there, they continue to expand their youth audience.

“My friends are really excited about Brandy Melville, and it was kind of a surprise because nobody knew about it before,” senior and Brandy Melville employee Fay Ghorayeb said. “I get a 25% employee discount as well as a 15% discount to give to friends and family, so I’m sure they’re excited about that.”

A store targeted to teens isn’t common in an area like Naples, which is known for its elderly population. Most would think this a recipe for disaster and an easy way to kill a business. However, the decision seems to be paying off, benefitting the store and Naples as a town.

“I think the store will draw more teenagers to explore here especially during seasonal months,” Villagomez said. “I’ve been there three times already, and I’ve seen adults shopping there along with other teenagers.”