Naples High School students have recently been showing a dislike for the placement of the county’s virtual learning days.

Ever since students came back to school after quarantine, they have had to participate in virtual learning days in order to make up for missed days throughout the school year. Most virtual days are randomized and are often placed in the middle of the week. Recently, students have been voicing their opinions about the placement of these days and believe it would be more efficient if they were placed in the beginning or end of the week. 

“I think I get more assignments done when virtual learning days are at the beginning of the week,” freshman Mckellan Welzbacher said. “It puts me in a good working mindset for the rest of the week.”

Some students have even discussed alternatives for virtual learning days and ways they could improve them. As a whole, many have said that they seem to get more work done during that time. However, some older students disagreed with the whole idea of virtual learning days.

“Virtual learning days were irrelevant,” graduating junior Lily Sempf said. “They had no tangible benefit or use.”

Some students, however, actually like the placement of the virtual learning days. They have said that they tend to get more work done during this time than any other time of the week. They have also said that it is much easier for them to get into a workflow when a virtual learning day is in the middle of the week than it being at the beginning or end of the week.

I’m a realist,” AP Literature Teacher Frederic Mason Laderer said. “If you put a virtual learning day at the beginning or end of the week, then students and teachers will look at it as more of an extended weekend, and thus the work probably won’t be done, at least not on time.”