North Naples United Methodist Church is organizing an instrumental ensemble of over 200 members, formally known as the Naples 200. 

This event serves as an opportunity for musicians ranging from low level to professional and gives participants experience in a professional setting. A large performing ensemble such as this is a unique opportunity that would improve playing skills and is inclusive of all ages and skill levels.

“I think an event like this is great!” choir and orchestra teacher Omaris Maldonado Torres said.  “Students have a performance opportunity that’s one-of-a-kind with professionals in the community.”

This is an excellent way for young musicians to express themselves and reach creative fulfillment. Some may even see this event as a way of meeting new people and making friends.

“I look forward to learning new things while playing with other viola players and making new friends,” freshman violist Ivy Beese said. “I may be nervous at first, but I know it will be fun making new friends and learning new things.”

Of course, planning and organizing an ensemble of over 200 players is no easy feat. Event organizer Steve DeLadurantey explained that there are about 10 hours of facility preparation involved, not to mention the difficulties of finding willing musicians.

“The outcome is totally worth the extra work,” DeLadurantey said. “Having everyone come together from all ages and walks of life to make great music is a beautiful thing.”