Collier County Public Schools is hosting the 2022 First Responder’s Career Fair where students have the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities and learn what first responders do.

The exposure to a variety of different careers and the showcasing of them through the use of booths captivates students each year and continues to draw them in. This fair serves as a way for students to see the assortment of career options through the eyes of the first responders and truly experience the careers themselves. 

“I love the exposure,” senior Esperanza Perez said. “Especially when personally I could see myself in a number of different careers.”

Naples High’s Principles of Biomedical Sciences teacher Gail D’arco recommends this event to anyone who has an interest in the field of science or is interested in helping others. She says that this is an excellent way for students to engage and gain experience performing practical tasks and learning about career opportunities in our area.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for students to make personal connections that may be beneficial to them as they make decisions about their future going forward,” D’Arco said.

The Career Fair will be showcasing a variety of booths. These include the military, K-9 Unit, Bomb Squad, fire trucks and personnel, Naples police and medical services and many others. These booths share the goal of broadening students’ horizons and allowing them to see options regarding careers after high school.

“The students, staff and all participants love this career fair,” event organizer Lisa Souza said. “All students are engaged and learn so much.”