With winter sports coming to an end, spring sports are taking the spotlight. Tennis is a spring sport that has exclusively varsity teams at Naples High. The girls varsity tennis team had their first game of the season against Barron Collier on Feb. 15 at the Naples tennis courts. 

Athletes have been training in the off-season and have high hopes for this year’s season. This year is also the first year with a new coach, Coach Pierre Eaton. 

“During the off season I usually use my local tennis courts and practice some drills,” senior varsity player Elle Moore said. “This is very beneficial for the team, as some of the drills are very similar to what goes down in games.” 

Staying in shape is a struggle for many athletes during the off season and can make or break the next season. With a new coach most players are curious about how he will teach them. 

“I am excited for Coach Eaton and his coaching,” junior varsity player Skye CeAnne said. “I hope he can teach us new tactics to take down the competition easier.”

Old players and new players are welcome to try out for the team and help lead Naples High to victory. With a new coach this season, the players are excited to see what they can learn from him.

“I have been a varsity coach for boys’ and girls’ basketball at the highschool level for over 25 years,” Eaton said. “I have also been a varsity coach for girls’ softball and volleyball.” 

Eaton has coached multiple sports teams and plans on using what he’s learned from them to apply to the tennis team. 

“With positive attitudes and hard work we will get better everyday,” Eaton said. “If we do this, we will surprise some teams by the end of the season.”