Naples High School offers a variety of electives ranging from working with Photoshop to building objects with different materials. Even though these electives can assist with future career choices, many do not help with the real-world skills that are needed as students prepare for entering adulthood. 

Having a better idea of how to handle finances, among other things, would be an asset for students to know and for schools to teach. 

“Awareness about financial things and classes that expand on becoming a better informed person will help us in the long run,” sophomore Cole Perkins said. 

Having knowledge of some real-life skills will be necessary for future endeavors that people dream and long for. 

“I think that classes on finance or taxes should definitely be taught,” sophomore Isabella Lam said. “This subject is something that every human being should know in order to be successful.”

Having classes on college life and how to live successfully would also be a great help for those moving into dorms. 

“I do like the idea of Naples High offering real-life skills classes,” Perkins said. “I personally would like to see a culinary or cooking class as that is an important thing to be able to do when moving onto college.” 

Life skills classes would help students who want to learn how to be independent and those who will be on their own for the first time. 

“It would help make students more well-rounded and prepared to go off into the real world to do things on their own,” Lam said. 

Some students do not have a mapped out plan of what they would like to do after they get their high school diploma. With these classes, it may help them get a spark of knowledge for what they dream to do. 

“I think it would be a good idea for NHS to offer real life skills classes,” counselor Jennifer Correa said. “[It would] help students to better prepare for independence after graduation.”