Being in school already causes a lot of stress on the brain because of the need to deal with school work, relationships, peer pressure and more. Students in high school and college have constant pressure to succeed in life, which can be time consuming and anxious.

Since most students’ goals are to focus on their education, they should stay abstinent until they are completely done with school (abstinence refers to a person sexually saving themselves for marriage). Otherwise, students can run the risk of becoming a parent while still in high school, leading to inconvenient circumstances. 

According to Teens Health, peer pressure sometimes leads to poor decision making, since it can force teens into thinking abstinence is a negative thing. However, keeping peer pressure out of this decision and being abstinent is an important decision for yourself to make for a variety of reasons.

Studies show that students who are abstinent in high school and college have a higher chance at succeeding educationally. Abstinence is also beneficial because it guarantees that you will not get pregnant, meaning you wouldn’t have to take time and money out of your education to take care of a child. Intimacy is not the best decision for students enrolled in school, especially without protection, if they are trying to focus on educational matters.

Many people also choose to be abstinent to prevent chances of unwanted pregnancy, or they have decided to wait until marriage. They could also focus more on school, extracurricular activities or religious beliefs and values. 

From another approach, abstinence is positive because you will have the assurance of not obtaining dangerous diseases. 

According to the University of California’s Students Health Outreach and Promotion, abstinence is the guaranteed and safest method to prevent pregnancy and STIs, and there are no side effects, showing that it is critical for teens to make this important decision.