With Homecoming around the corner, students are following the popular traditions of taking pictures and having dinner before the dance. This year, however, many are looking for new photo and restaurant locations to have a unique Homecoming experience. 

Taking Pictures

For years, students have gone with their friends to take pictures before the dance. The great thing about this tradition is that it’s not only a popular activity at Naples High, but also part of the majority of other schools’ history. 

“In the past I’ve taken pictures at friends’ houses, the beach and the Garden of Hope,” NHS alumni Mackenzie Black said.

As of now, there are really no particularly new locations to take pictures. In some cases, students might just go to a friend’s house or their own house for photos. Some of the most notable picture taking locations from the past couple of years have been the Garden of Hope, Waterside Shops and the beach. 

“We’re definitely doing pictures at the beach,” junior Sophie Scherer said. “It’s like a tradition now.” 

Going to Dinner

Another yearly tradition that is still popular today is going to dinner before the dance. Similar to pictures, it is a tradition that has been active for years and possibly ever since the beginning of Homecoming. Despite its popularity throughout the years, many NHS students prefer taking pictures instead of spending time at a restaurant. 

“We definitely will be taking pictures before and after the dance,” sophomore Ziva Schaab said. “I’m not sure if we’re going out to eat before though.”

There are a variety of different restaurants to visit to get a bite to eat before the dance. Most students also opt to take photos near the place they are having dinner at. In fact, there has been a new wave of restaurants emerging, allowing for new and unique photo locations. 

“I really love Del Mar. They opened pretty recently and everything is so delicious,” Scherer said. “The ambiance is so cool upstairs. There are couches, a balcony and always great service.”

As both under and upperclassmen prepare for this year’s Homecoming, many are excited about not only the dance itself but also the traditions that come with it, getting ready to participate in a memorable high school experience.