The sequel to “Murder Mystery”, “Murder Mystery 2”, was released by Netflix on March 31. Adam Sandler’s film and production company, Happy Madison, has produced many top-rated comedy movies, and “Murder Mystery 2” followed suit. Not only was its prequel a successful movie with a captivating story that drew the attention of many Netflix viewers, but “Murder Mystery 2” also followed in its footsteps by providing a compelling story for the audience to follow, all while adding action-packed scenes.  

“‘Murder Mystery 2’ was just as exciting as the first one,” freshman Isabella Adiutori said. 

We see a comedic duo reunite in this series, Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, who star as Audrey and Nick Spitz, a couple struggling to get their detective business off the ground. However, they are struck with fortune when a mystery arrives and gives them the chance to prove their detective skills and save their buisness. 

“Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston did a great job on this movie series,” Adiutori said. “They have a great friendship and work good together.” 

When an old friend and many viewers’ favorite character, Maharaja, played by Adeel Akhtar, faces misfortune the week of his wedding by getting taken for ransom, Audrey and Nick are there to solve this mystery and save their friend. 

“It was interesting to see how they incorporated the first movie’s plot and characters into the new movie,” freshman Vallery Aguilar-Sanchez said. 

This film provides many twists, turns and surprises as it follows Nick and Audrey through this new adventure, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. The movie truly deserved the title, “Murder Mystery 2”. 

“My favorite thing about the Murder Mystery movies is that there are a lot of surprises and twist endings that really make the movie more engaging and dramatic,” Aguilar-Sanchez said. 

Overall, “Murder Mystery 2” was a thrilling mystery that had the viewers struggling to solve the crime with Audrey and Nick while still being able to make them laugh. 

“This movie was suspenseful, comedic and, of course, mysterious,” Adiutori said.