The problem with society is not our issues within this country, but what’s being thrown on the ground. To be more specific, the gum on the ground. When walking down the street, only one thing can ruin someone’s good day, gum. It’s such a little thing that it seems almost impossible that it can make someone so upset. However, just one sticky substance can put someone off for the rest of their day, maybe even the rest of their life. 

People believe that just because they can spit their gum on the ground, it means that they should. It’s often believed by gum spitters that gum is biodegradable, but according to EcoFreek, gum is in fact not biodegradable and is also one of the worst causes of litter. If that’s not reason enough to stop spitting your gum on the ground or to despise people that do, think about the animals that can be affected by the gum. Animals are known to mistake trash for food, and gum is not far off the list of trash. Fish and land animals alike will eat it, which can cause a blockage in their gut if it doesn’t choke them first. 

Another reason why these gum spitters need to be stopped is because it’s the direct cause of someone’s bad day. Even though it’s small, its impact is big. Getting gum stuck on your shoe is not only irritating but also gross. If you’re courageous enough to try and pry it off, you need to find something to do it with or use your own hand, which is not recommended. It’s a whole process. Even after the initial gum is off, the stickiness from the gum is still left on the bottom of your shoe, and you’ll end up sticking to anything around you. Gum on your shoe is the fastest and most direct way to make a great day bad. Instead of causing someone’s bad day, gum spitters should just dispose of the gum properly before they induce more problems than they will ever solve. 

The root of all evil begins with the little things and sprouts into bigger issues. To begin solving the larger problems that we face altogether, we need to begin with the smaller ones, like gum on the ground. Pollution doesn’t just affect one person; it affects everyone, including animals. Even though it may not seem like a big deal because it’s just a couple of people, it’s something bigger than that. It’s an issue that we face. Problems begin with one little step and so does the solution, or however many steps to the trash can.