Shall there be six more weeks of winter or is spring right around the corner? That is the question on most northerners’ minds. His name is Punxsutawney Phil and he is the groundhog who decides nature’s seasons. 

Unfortunately, at 7:25am Friday morning, Phil saw his shadow. 

“I hate how Phil gets a whole day dedicated to him, when I can make the same prediction and I’m better looking,” senior Caleb Craig commented.

Groundhog’s Day originally began in 1887 and has become one of the United States most popular traditions.

The tradition originated from Europe but has grown across the United States and Canada as well.

If Phil sees his shadow, six more weeks are expected. However, if Phil does not see his shadow then it is predicted that spring is coming soon.

“On groundhog’s day I go and hangout with my friends and celebrate the wonderful day that is groundhog’s day,” junior Jack Bole said. “I really spend the day appreciating the greatness of Phil.”