Naples High Football has made it yet again to semifinals with another winning season. Much of the success the team has can be attributed to the planning and preparation put in weeks before playing.

“It feels good to be in the semifinals because we are able to continue our season, and it’s different because the teams we are going to play are coming to play hard and try to win,” varsity player Seth Doty said.

The coaches are preparing the boys as best as they can to get ready for the semifinals. Most changes are for the coaches.

“We basically prepare the same way each week, the biggest change is with the coaches,” head coach Bill Kramer said. “We spend more time preparing and we input more data into our algorithms than we would for a regular season game, we also create and analyze more reports than a regular season.”

Before the game starts the boys start to get in the mindset of playing on the field and giving it their all. The teams spends about three hours in the locker room before the game.

“You get excited to go out and give it your all and we just hang out in the locker room and get in the mindset of your doing your best,” Paul Saint Louis said.

The team waits in the locker room before the game listening to music and doing everything they need to get prepared for the game.

“We videotape and grade every repetition in practice and then review it with the players,” Coach Kramer said. “We are all on the same team working as hard as we can to help the team win.” 

The next game for Naples high is Nov. 23 7:30pm playing North Ft.Myers at Staver Field.