Everyone thinks of Valentine’s Day as the epitome of romance and the day Hallmark movies come to life, it’s a dream for couples everywhere.

However, when single it’s fairly common to experience low self-esteem. That is why, especially as high-schoolers, we need to remember that Valentine’s Day is about all types of love, including loving ourselves.

“It’s important for students to feel good about themselves,” teacher Corey Stewart said. “They’re usually more confident and better at getting along with others.”

Self-esteem is important. However, a lot of times students struggle with it on Valentine’s Day when they’re single. Social media and movies create a push for students to date and make it seem like it’s the norm.

“There’s definitely a pressure for students to date,” junior Faith Peel said. “We see everyone around us dating and feel like we need a significant other to fit in.”

So what can one do on Valentine’s Day when their single? Quite a few people refuse to drown their worries in chocolate and ice cream.

“I’m gonna go and have a night with my girls! We’re going to have Cheesecake Factory and exchange roses,” student Kayla Stevens said.

One of the most important relationships a person can have is the one they have with themselves. How one feels about themselves impacts their life more than most people think.