Bailey Test Prep held an ACT workshop for students to attend at Naples High School on April 3.

The ACT is a standardized test that colleges look at as part of the acceptance decision.

“I learned what you can do in case you’re stuck on a question during the ACT,” freshman Lauren Connell said. “I learned a lot of things that were new to me, and I feel much more prepared now.”

The workshop was held last weekend in the auditorium to help students on the ACT. Any grade level could attend, even if students hadn’t taken the test before.

“It was helpful and I learned some good tricks to use,” sophomore Katie Lamb said. “I think it was worth it to go.”

The ACT has four sections on it, and these sections have a vast amount of information. Therefore, the test preparation lasted for around three hours.

Students took pages of notes while the instructor went over information. The teacher also had a powerpoint that was presented to the students.

The next dates that you can take the ACT are, April 13, June 8 and July 13.