Recently, celebrities like Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman have been caught in an SAT cheating scandal. Over 50 stars have been accused with paying someone to take the test for their child or paying someone to change their child’s answers after they take the test.

Naples High students express their feelings on what should be done to the parents and kids involved in the scandal.

“I think the parents should have to pay an enormous fine and the kids should be required to retake the test and not be let in until the school gets the desired score from that student,” junior Sydney Brisson said.

Students have different opinions when it comes to this controversial topic. It’s still in question as to whether or not the children knew that they weren’t.

“I believe that if the kid truly did not know the parent did that to their test than they should be able to stay at the school,” junior Alexis Van Dien said.

With this scandal coming out, many are starting to question if cheating happens often in their school.

“I feel like cheating on the SAT has happened in collier county because there are a lot of rich families who have the money to do so,” junior Ashley Hendrix said.

Overall, the SAT scandal is shocking to the students of Naples High School. Cheating on one of the most important tests you can take is not a way to succeed.