As quarter four starts students are starting to prepare for testing coming up. There is a lot of pressure, and importance to do the best they can for these students who want to score well.

“I’ve been studying for a while,” freshman Emily Wuerful said. “I want to do good and score high so I can take more advanced classes.”

Students are starting to study ahead of time to review all of the information they have learned since the beginning of quarter one.

“I usually go somewhere quiet with all my notebooks and review everything,” Wuerful said. “I highlight everything important and go threw it during the week.”

Some students are going even beyond by getting a tutor to help passing these tests.

“I got a math tutor so I can learn what will be on the Algebra EOC since I’m not understanding it the best,” freshman Emma Bookman said. “We usually go to the library and I bring my math notebook and go from there.”

In order to take AP and honors classes, a very high passing grade is needed. A lot of students strive to achieve a high score for college purposes.

“I really want to get a five on my FSA,” Wuerful said. “I want to be able to take AP classes next year so it looks better for college.”

The first big test approaching is the freshman writing FSA. Shortly after, more and more tests will be starting for all grades.