The Naples High School student parking lot is often seen as a nightmare to the juniors and seniors who park there. Since this parking lot is full of new and inexperienced drivers, it poses many safety and logistic concerns for pedestrians and students.

“There are some kids that follow the unspoken rule of waiting patiently,” junior and student driver Nereca Capuno said. “There are other kids who will just weave their way around the cars just to get to the same exit point everyone is heading to.”

Some student drivers feel that the student parking lot takes an eternity to exit, and this causes kids to drive recklessly in order to leave quickly. In addition, students find it hard to leave in an efficient manner due to non-students parking in this area. 

“I get that there is a parent pick up, and there’s a student parking lot, but at the same time it is just one exit and one entrance, so that is really difficult,” Capuno said. 

Some students feel that this parking area is safer than others.  

“I actually do feel very safe, because I feel that most people that have their license have been given the proper training by their parents,” junior Alex Brown said. 

Others feel as though they do not feel secure and that their cars may be hit by other student drivers.

“I feel like I’m at risk of getting hit by a car or someone will hit my car when I’m driving,” junior Samantha Brito said. 

Student drivers can be very reckless, and they sometimes do not exercise caution while they drive. Students on campus should keep their eyes on the road at all times and drive with caution in the parking lots.