Summer is a time of relaxation, and with relaxation comes laziness. Many find themselves only wanting to stay indoors or sleep for those eight weeks without the structure of school. Mental health is just as important as physical health, and learning simple tricks to maintain that strength is key to leading a happy summer.

“I start everyday by doing my skincare routine and just getting myself ready,” sophomore Skye Moore said. “It’s super simple and even if I’m not going anywhere I still do it just so I can get a good start to my day.”

Having a morning or day routine is one of the many things to do to keep the brain active and healthy. Puzzles are another good activity, because they reinforce the connections between brain cells and improve cognition. 

“I have my own company and I work from home,” entrepreneur Trista Garrett said. “After a long day of continuous writing, I tend to feel drained, but if I exercise it helps me get in the right headspace.”

Exercising releases endorphins that help you concentrate and stimulates brain development,  while making you physically fit at the same time. These feel-good endorphins aid in tackling regular tasks with precision and patience.

Doing tasks is a part of everyday life, and in just a couple days these tasks change from solving math problems to soaking up the hot summer sun. As school is ending and summer is approaching, it is important to focus on the benefits of the break.

“The break is about hanging out with your friends and being stress free, while also taking care of yourself mentally and forming healthy habits,” freshman Brinnie Stevens said.