Naples High’s Orchestra and Choir has been preparing for the Music Performing Assessment (MPA) and is going to great lengths to ensure success.

The Orchestra, during the MPA, will have to perform three pieces of their choice, which they have prepared in front of a panel of judges and an audience of various schools. Additionally, they will have to sight read a piece or receive a brand new piece which they are not familiar with and play the song by a simple glance without practice. With this, they will be assessed as Poor, Good, Excellent or Superior with NHS aiming for a Superior.

“We have concerts that we perform for the public, but this performance is different in that we are being judged and critiqued for a rating ranging from Poor to Superior,” NHS Orchestra and Music Director Omaris Maldonado Torres said. “It is a really great learning experience for students because they have to learn music in a short period of time. “They practice sight-reading with the intention, and they learn how to perform well under pressure.”

The members of both the orchestra and choir are working diligently to ensure success. Naturally, they are experiencing some nervousness but are prepared and excited for this experience as it will serve as a way to grow and improve.

“I heard they were pretty serious so I’m very nervous,” orchestra member Ivy Beese said. “I can’t wait for what awaits me and what this experience will teach me.”

This is an opportunity for many that are new to music to gain experience in a semi-professional and serious setting. It will serve as a way to improve and grow off of each other and refine their skills. In fact, choir member Sabine Rivera, having attended an MPA previously, is looking forward to another chance at it.

“For me, the MPA is another chance to learn and grow,” Rivera said. “I’m hoping to gain more confidence specifically in sight reading.”